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Don’t Let Recoil Ruin Your Hunt: FalconStrike Recoil Pads

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Recoil is an inevitable part of hunting. If you are on a hunt with a lot of repetitive shooting––like dove, pheasants, ducks or geese – by the mid day, recoil can begin to wear heavily on your shoulder. This leads to fatigue, which means less accuracy as the day progresses.

The good news is that there are solutions that both reduce recoil and improve accuracy. If you are looking for recoil pads for a rifle or shotgun, you may be wondering which is best for your hunting purposes.

This article covers how FalconStrike Recoil Pads for hunting mitigate recoil and improve your hunting experience. Keep reading to find out if they might be the right choice for your shotgun or rifle.

What Are Recoil Pads?

A recoil reducer pad is a piece of rubber, foam, leather, or other material that attaches to the buttstock of a shotgun or rifle. Some versions allow you to attach the pad to your shoulder (versus the gun) using a strap. The purpose of recoil pads is to provide some padding between the rigid stock surface and the user’s shoulders.

How Are FalconStrike Recoil Pads Different Than Traditional Ones?

Let’s be honest about cheap rubber recoil pads: they are limited in reducing recoil and have little to no effect on reducing recoil energy (different than felt recoil). Even if they do provide some minor relief at the outset—they don’t provide adequate recoil protection especially for injured or sore joints.

Traditional recoil pads for hunting only provide a small layer of padding to the surface of the stock. FalconStrike Recoil Pads use hydraulic recoil reduction technology.

This includes a compressed fluid that shapes into the contures of your shoulder. Also, the pad contains an elastic bladder. It expands by 10% or more to dissipate the energy from the recoil over a larger surface area.

Finally, the FalconStrike Recoil Pads contain an energy conversion dampener. This is the same device used to help aircraft make softer landings. It reduces the amount of recoil absorbed by your shoulder by converting it to heat, which is then distributed at the point of contact.

What Are The Results?

FalconStrike Recoil Pads absorb 80 percent of the energy that would otherwise be inflicted on your shoulder. This translates to much better accuracy and ultimately more meat in the freezer. FalconStrike Recoil Pads will reduce muzzle lift and rock-back by as much as 35 percent each. 

FalconStrike Recoil Pads fit most guns, including rifles and shotguns. These include guns with wood, synthetic, and AR stocks.

In short, FalconStrike pads are suitable for almost any gun. They are guaranteed to increase shooting accuracy, as well as your enjoyment and comfort.

Find FalconStrike Recoil Pads Near You

Now that you understand the many benefits FalconStrike Recoil Pads offer, you can decide if they are right for you. They can help you improve shooting accuracy, comfort, and the overall experience of your hunt or target practice.

At FalconStrike, we know you want a more comfortable shooting experience. We produce some of the highest-quality, most recoil reducing pads available. Reach out to us today with any questions you might have or look online for dealers near you. We’re happy to help you find reliable recoil pads for your rifle or shotgun!

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