Follow the easy steps below to install your FalconStrike. To find the template that fits your gun, please see our template finder.

Install Recoil Pad 1

1. Remove the old pad. Most pads are held on with two Philips screws. Inspect the old pad and locate the slits or entry holes in the rubber. Lubricate the tip of the screwdriver with dish soap to ease entry of the screwdriver.

Install Recoil Pad 2

2. Choose the appropriate sized FalconStrike Recoil Converter from our template finder. Measure in millimeters top to bottom and left to right. We use millimeters because its easier to measure. You may also check out our growing list of templates to speed up the process. Always test and measure the stock instead of the old pad.

3. Prepare the FalconStrike cam plate for installation by separating it from the Pad. Using a screwdriver, pry open the cams until they are straight out. Pull the cam plate away from the FalconStrike Recoil Converter.

4. Check the existing hole location with the FalconStrike cam plate. If required, plug the old holes with hardwood dowels and glue, and using the cam plate as a drill jig, re-drill the holes in the correct location. Adjust the FalconStrike cam plate to achieve the best alignment, and tighten both screws.

5. With the cams open, insert the FalconStrike Recoil Converter into the cam plate. Pressing firmly to compress the foam, begin to close the cams. Both cams must pick up behind the seal plate.

6. Using a screwdriver or punch, carefully close the cams all the way. If you require removing the FalconStrike Recoil Converter, pry up the cams with a small screwdriver, open the cams straight out, and pull the pad off the cam plate.