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FalconStrike Multi-Fit Recoil Pad Install Instructions

Remove Factory Recoil Butt Pad

Step 1

1. Make sure your firearm is un-loaded and safe to work on.
2. Remove the factory butt pad from butt stock.

Attach Base Plate

Step 2

3. Remove FalconStrike from package.
4. Screw the cam plate to the stock. Center the cam plate before tightening the screws.

Prepare Multi-Fit Pad

Step 3

5. Next, prepare the Multi-Fit pad by rolling the skirt up with your thumbs. Roll up both ends.
6. Next, fold the cams straight out and install the pad onto the cam plate.

Lock Recoil Pad into Place

Step 4

7. Lock the pad onto the cam plate. Push down hard on the pad and close the cams half way.
8. Test to see that the cams have hooked the pad at both ends.

Close Recoil Cams

Step 5

9. Close the cams all the way.
10. And finally, snap the skirt onto the stock.

By following these steps, your FalconStrike will stay firmly in place on a wood or synthetic stock, with no measuring, grinding or hassle.

If you have any questions, please contact us.