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Lighter Recoil for Youth Shooters?

By February 2, 2022No Comments
Recoil pad for youth Shooters

Youth Shooting Sports continue to grow. Not only that, but when parents, grandparents, or friends/neighbors take young shooters out to the range or hunting, they create a new generation of hunters and shooters that will grow up and protect our values, heritage, and second amendment rights. It’s essential to curate those experiences to create the best memories. An excellent shooting experience can turn a young boy or girl into a life-long enthusiast.

Steve Gould of Target Focused Life (and the Gould Brothers), recently took his 9-year-old son, Riley, out shooting and brought along the FalconStrike.

“Helping youth be successful in the shooting sports is one of my favorite things to do. Shotguns are a ton of fun to shoot, but if the recoil hurts the shooter, it makes it not very enjoyable to do repeatedly or regularly,” says Steve.

In a recent shotgun showdown, my son chose a 20GA compact gun that he liked best. The only thing we didn’t like about the shotgun was the amount of recoil. So in this video, we added a Falcon Strike hydraulic recoil pad to see if it helped reduce felt recoil and let him enjoy shooting his shotgun more.


If you’re considering taking your young son or daughter out shooting for the first time, consider how recoil may affect their experience and first impression of shooting. If reducing recoil is a concern, check out our kid reviewed FalconStrike Junior Multi-Fit Recoil Pad.

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